Buying Guide For Chain Link Dog Kennels

This article is a buying guide for either outdoor or portable chain link dog kennels.

Features to look for:

1. Material. Make sure the dog kennel is made of galvanized steel, which is corrosion resistant. Stay away from anything with aluminum parts since they rust easily. They're fragile and highly corrosive. Galvanized steel also allows for easy cleaning and wipe down to prevent bacterial growth without worrying about rust. The steel frame also helps keep your pet safe since it's so strong and difficult to bend or break.

2. Easy Set Up. The high quality outdoor and portable chain link fence companies make ones that can be set up in as little as a half hour and only requiring one tool, usually a pair of pliers. The easy connect designs are much easier to deal with and set up than the more complicated ones. Some require concrete to be poured and a rather permanent kennel. The ability to move it around easily makes for an easy set up, but will also save your lawn.

3. Easy to Disassemble. Whether you're buying a portable chain link kennel or one that will be stationary in your back yard, make sure the one you're buying comes apart as easily as it went together. If it's a stationary one, you might decide to move it one day or if it's portable you want to make sure it'll be hassle free to take on the road with you.

4. Size. If your dog is going to be spending a lot of time in the kennel, you of course need to make sure it's going to be big and comfortable. Take the time to measure out the area in your yard so that you'll know before you order online and have it shipped. If you're buying a dog kennel for a small to medium dog, make sure to get on that is at least 7 1/2 x 7 1/2 x 4 feet. If you're looking for one for a large dog, make sure it's 7 x 12 x 6.

5. Accessories. There are certain accessories that you might want, so go with a company that offers ones that will fit with your kennel. If the kennel is outside in your back yard, there are covers that easily fit over the top to shield your pet from the sun and rain. Another accessory you might eventually want is dog kennel flooring.

6. Easy Latch. The last feature to look for is a latch that lets you open or close it one handed. This allows you to handle the dog and open or close the door at the same time.

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