Celebrate Halloween With Pretty Dog Costumes

Many people look up to Halloween for the glitz and funk that it brings. People compete with one another on who wears the most gothic, frightening and eccentric clothes. Garments are specially designed and matching accessories are bought that look perfectly in sync with the Halloween dresses.

Why not surprise your friends this Halloween by holding a dog Halloween bash. Hmmm, seems interesting, doesn't it? You could add in a lot to such a party including best costume competition and a dog fashion show.

If you like the idea and are planning to hold one such party this coming Halloween then we have some very useful costume suggestions for you. Among many interesting dog clothing are Glow Bones Dog Halloween Costumes. Boney Dog costume is an innovative, stylish, spooky, and fun, two-piece dog costume for Halloween. Its features glow-in-the-dark and thus the details become prominent on the fitted outfit and you can actually see a spooky glowing skeleton on the Glow Bones. The best thing about this costume is that it stands out on a dark Halloween night.

You can add matching hat with ear holes and Velcro closure to go with it. Some precautions to note about these Halloween dog costumes are that you should machine wash them cold on a gentle cycle and line dry. This costume is sure to make your pet the life of the party.

Apart from these there are other customized dog costumes like Dogzilla Halloween costumes, Hot Dog Halloween costumes, Little Stinker Halloween costumes, and Piggy Dog costumes. Many of these costumes also come with matching dog toys to give your pet extra fun on its Halloween party and to stand out from the rest of the dogs.

Then there are the extremely cute dog shirts for the Halloween. These are comfy and glow in the dark. You can even get your dog's name or other things printed on them to give them a unique personal touch. They include I Do My Own Tricks and Daddy's Little Devil t-shirts.

If your dog is a sociable and friendly pet and gets along well with kids and other dogs, then chances are that he will be comfortable wearing a costume. If it is, then you can take it along to pet parades and costume contests in the Halloween season. Many of these are part of October festivals or community Pumpkin festivals.

But you should also keep this thing in mind that not every dog will stay cool, calm and collected about being dressed up for the Halloween. Most of them will only cooperate with you only if the costume that you have selected for them is not terribly annoying to them. For other dogs, however, a costume might be okay and fun, but anything that seems like a hat will have to go. Then there are also some dogs who really do enjoy being dressed up. This is because they love the attention that goes along with it and they seem to think it's a perfectly natural thing to do-wearing pretty costumes and getting attention.

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