Guidelines For Choosing a Dog Halloween Costume

Choosing a Halloween costume for your dog may seem simple enough, but if you have ever dressed your dog up for Halloween before then you know it is anything but simple. There are many things that you have to think about when choosing a costume. The way it looks is just one consideration and it isn't even the most important. You actually have to put some thought into choosing a costume so you can be sure Halloween is a fun experience and does not turn into a living nightmare.

Problems with Choosing the Wrong Costume

There are many things that can go wrong if you choose the wrong costume for your dog. One major problem is that your dog's safety could be at risk. Costumes can pose a choking hazard or cause your dog to trip and fall. You also run the risk of a horrible mess if the costume does not allow for your dog to easily go to the bathroom. Other issues you may run into include your dog refusing to wear the costume, a costume that is too restricting or issues with your dog tearing or ruining the costume before you even get out the door. To help avoid problems you will need to consider sizing, design and quality.


When buying a costume for your dog you have to get the size right. A wrong sized costume will cause all sorts of issues. You don't want it to be too tight or too loose. You should measure your dog carefully to figure out the right size. The package will usually include measurements so you can be sure that you will get the right size. If possible you should buy from a store where you can take your pet in. Most pet stores will allow you to take your pet in. This way you can try on the costume to ensure a perfect fit.


The design or style of the costume should be considered so you will be sure it will work for your dog. You don't want a costume that has too many pieces or accessories if your dog is not used to dressing up or if he or she is very energetic. You also may want to check the back of the costume and make sure that it will be easy for your dog to use the bathroom without soiling the costume. The design should also be something that will fit your dog well. Not all costumes work for all breeds of dogs. Consider your dog's personality, too. Extremely feisty dogs will do best with simple costumes. If you try to go too elaborate you could end up losing pieces of the costume or having your dog tear it up.


It is never a good idea to skimp on a Halloween costume for your dog. If you have a very docile dog that is well behaved and has no trouble with being dressed up then you may be able to go for a cheaper costume. Generally, though, a dog requires something that is well made and that can stand up to running, jumping and rolling around. You don't want the costume getting torn up or falling apart before you even take your dog out for the night.

Dressing a dog up for Halloween may have once been something only a few people did, but today it is common to see pets out trick or treating with their human friends. Dog Halloween costumes come in a range of styles and you will have fun choosing one for your dog. Just be sure that you choose carefully so you are sure to get a costume that your dog will like and that will last through the night.

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