How to Select the Best Indoor Dog Gate

When you want to set boundaries and restrict your pet to safe places inside your home selecting the best indoor dog gate is a must. Many dog lovers allow their pets to live indoors with them and this is one of the best ways to safely contain your pet.

You love our pet to bits and you treat him as part of the family however there are situations where there is a need to contain your pet and this is the role that the best indoor dog gate will play. Such situations could be that you are stepping out of the house to do some shopping or you're doing some house chores and you cannot supervise him.

A dog explores the world with his nose and his mouth and installing a dog gate on the hallway that leads to the kitchen will keep him from your garbage bins, stoves, and table food.

The best indoor dog gate is also helpful when you are expecting the repairman and you need to keep the dog away from the repair area. It is also useful when you are expecting many visitors and your friends are not all to keen about your dog sizing them up with his nose.

So what are the considerations in buying indoor dog gate?

1. Get it right the first time.

Measure the width of the area where you are installing the gate. Don't worry that your area is too wide, many gates come with an extension panel to accommodate wider than usual doors or hallways.

Also decide on how tall you want your gate to be. It should be tall enough that he can't jump over to the other side because if he can, then the idea of a pet gate is useless.

When you think about how tall the gate should be, refer to the full size of your pet so that you will not have to buy another one as he grows older, it's financially practical too.

2. Wall mounted or free standing?

Which of the two would you prefer to have? A wall mounted gate is obviously connected to the wall but would you like to bore on the beautiful finish to connect a wall mounted gate? If not you can choose a wall mounted gate that has suction cups so that you can attach it to the wall.

On the other hand, free standing dog gates have legs for balance itself on the floor without wall support. If you're not a permanent resident of the house you're living now, this type of gate is a perfect choice.

3. What materials do you prefer?

A gate can come in wood, iron bar, stainless steel, plastic, or aluminum. Whatever you choose always remember that the best indoor dog gate should be made of high quality and durable materials that can withstand the force that your animal might inflict on it.

Another consideration is that you choose a gate that matches your interior walls so that it blends rather than stand out like a sore thumb.

4. Easy to use.

It's not a good idea for you to jump over the fence, this is setting a bad example to your pet. You should therefore purchase a gate that has an easy to open and close latch even with one hand but cannot be nudged by an adult dog because again it's purpose is to restrict your pet.

5. Quality vs Price.

Don't compromise quality and safety over price. Yes we need to be economical in our choices but know this, the best indoor dog gate need not be expensive for it to be high quality, durable, and reliable.

Opting to buy an indoor dog gate is certainly a smart choice when you want to teach your dog simple obedience lessons or when you just want to keep him away from the baby when you cannot supervise them. At you can find a wide array of dog gates and information for each type. For the budget conscious, Indoor Dog Gate has a wide selection of gates guaranteed to fit your budget.
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