Superstar Dog Halloween Costumes

Whenever it comes to dressing up for Halloween, why leave your best friends out of all the fun? Dogs, like humans, are born show offs and like to get into fun. Just like humans, dog's costumes also come in amazing varieties, styles and sizes and you can find these easily at pet stores, drug stores and department stores. You are free to dress up your pet as a devil, cow or princess and show your creativity. However, while purchasing any dog Halloween costume, you have to make sure it fits to size exactly. If your pet is not used to putting on clothes, then costumes may become a reason for these animals to go on a bender or it may attempt to wriggle out.

Most popular dog costumes
  • Angel: Your doggy will look very cute just like an angel while wearing a pair of sparkling silk wings with a halo.
  • Jailbird: Jailbird attire with classic white and black strips is certainly going to bring a big smile on any dog owner's face. Needless to mention, you will need to locate a mischievous hat in order to complete the costume and get the perfect look.
  • Superman: Superman or that should be super-dog. Put your dog in blue and red tights with big 'S' on chest and complete the costume with stunning red colored boots and enjoy watching your super-dog.
  • Devil: If you are thinking to give a look of devil to your dog, then red color will provide a real impression. In order to make the outfit perfect, you can a add pair of horns, a bow or a tie and red cape.
  • Groom and Bride: If you have two dogs, groom and bride costumes are really great for them. The costume of groom is especially effectual with breed like bulldog.
  • Clown: It is just appropriate attire for your dog if he can manage to support clown nose for two seconds. Even without nose, one can get a fairly eye catching clown with a big wig and colorful, bright duds.
  • Pirates: A beautiful eye patch and bandanna will provide the dog with necessary look.
It is not just the end rather there are so many dog costume options like queen or king, flowers or animals. Whatever outfit one decides upon, he has to ensure to make the dog wear it a couple of times before the festival night so that it becomes comfortable and used to the costume.
Some old favorite Dog Halloween costumes include ladybug, turtle, frog, monkey, lion, bumblebee, bunny, shark, punk zebra, raccoon and panda bear.

Important points to consider while purchasing Dog Halloween Costumes 

When purchasing dog Halloween costumes, it is essential to determine the size that fits your dog or a dog of similar size. Do not consider just soothe, but security as well. There are various websites dedicated to dog costumes that offer all sizes up to hundred lbs with useful ideas.


Dog wearing costumes should be supervised and handled carefully with leash. Moreover, the pets should not be laden under heavy costumes, they should be able to hear as well as see clearly. One has to follow all important instructions to make the festival really safe as well as enjoyable.
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