Tips For Playing Frisbee With Your Dog

Okay, maybe not all dogs like to play Frisbee. After all, some Frisbees are bigger and weigh more than some of the new toy dog breeds, but for those dogs who have a lot of energy to burn, Frisbee is a good option because it provides exercise not only for your pet, but for you as well. If you both get good at it, there are even disc dog events and championships.

Let's look first at some of the history of the sport known either as dog Frisbee or disc dogs. When the game of Frisbee started to get popular in the early 1970's, a college student and his dog jumped the fence during a Cincinnati Reds baseball game and threw a couple of flying discs that his dog ran and jumped high up into the air to catch. The student was arrested, but the crowd liked what they saw so much that the game of dog Frisbee was born.

Before self-training your dog to learn how to play competitive Frisbee, you might want to read one of the many books on the subject. One of the most popular books is Disc Dogs! The Complete Guide written by two men who, along with their dogs, have won several world championships and taught others to train their dogs as well.

Many experts have recommendations about what types of flying discs should be used when paying with your dog. The best option seems to be one with puncture-resistant material and a gripping device for easier retrieval by your best friend. They're also easier on your dog's teeth.

In terms of competitive disc dog events, there are several but we'll talk in this article about Toss and Fetch and Freestyle events. Disc dog events are divided into categories determined on experience and skills of the dogs and their handlers and aren't usually broken down by age or gender of the dogs or the handlers.

In Toss and Fetch, a team of one person and one dog compete by catching the disc at varying distances, with the longest catch winning the event. In a related type of event, contestants are allowed one minute to make as many throws as possible and dogs are awarded points based on the distance of the catch. The dogs do receive bonus points if they are completely airborne when they make the catch.

Freestyle events again involve teams of one dog and one human but this time consist of a several minute choreographed routine where the dogs are judged by the degree of difficulty of the catch, athleticism, and showmanship. The dog owner tries to combine catching multiple discs with flips, jumps and other entertaining canine feats accompanied by music.

It's said that any healthy active dog can learn to play disc catch. Historically, many of the winners of Frisbee championships have been Border Collies, but any dog can participate and do well. When beginning to train your dog for this sport, or even if it's just a new exercise or play routine that you're teaching him, you should practice on a flat grassy area rather than on concrete or asphalt as that is harder on both dog and human joints. Just like any athlete, allow the dog to warm up before any strenuous workout and always have plenty of fresh water available. You can sort of prepare your pet to get used to a Frisbee by using it as a food or water bowl for a while before teaching him to play with it so that he'll have a positive association with the toy.
Never let your dog chew on the Frisbee.

Have fun playing flying disc with your dog and enjoy the exercise and bonding that it will create for both of you.
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