Top Ten Coolest Toys and Accessories For Small Dogs

If you are the owner of a small dog you will be pleased to know that there has never been as much choice available as there is today when it comes to cool, hip, high quality, and practical toys and accessories for your little companion. You can get everything from a flashy designer collar for that special occasion or event to comforting toys that are designed to help your little one feel less lonely when you are out at work. Below are ten of the fabulously cool and trendy toys and accessories that you can treat your canine companion to without breaking the bank.

The comforting snuggle toy: An innovative and practical solution to easing separation anxiety in your small dog, you can now get cuddly terry dogs that are perfect for your little dog to snuggle up to and actually have a simulated heartbeat, making your little one feel as though he has the company of another dog, and easing the loneliness when you are out at work.

Leather pet carriers: We've all seen the superstars parading around with their beloved toy dogs in handheld leather carriers. You can now get one of your own for a really low price, enabling you to transport your toy dog around in true celebrity style. These carriers are sturdy, high quality, and practical, but also very stylish, snazzy, and eye-catching - the perfect accessory if your toy dog is something of a style guru!

Soft harnesses: In stark contrast to the rather cold and clinical leather harnesses that we are used to, the soft harness looks a little like a vest, and fits comfortably and snugly around your small dog. You can get these soft harnesses in a range of fashionable and vibrant colours, so your pooch can look forward to total comfort as well as real style.

Sofa beds: Gone are the days when your pet had to put up with a cardboard box and a blanket when it came to bedtime. These days you can get some fabulous bed designs to suit small dogs, and the comfortable, stylish, and eye-catching sofa style bed is a great choice. Available in a range of colours, these doggy sofa beds are perfect for your little one to kick back, relax, and enjoy sweet dreams after a hard day of fun, play, and exercise.

The knitted sweater: The equivalent of the little black dress that is essential to every woman's wardrobe, the knitted sweater is a must have for your small dogs 'wardrobe'. These sweaters are not only comfortable and very trendy, but are ideal for taking your small dog out in colder weather. Small dogs can be susceptible to extreme temperatures, but with these snug little sweaters, which are available in a range of designs and colours, your dog will be able to enjoy some fresh air without feeling the cold.

The jewelled collar: Many toy dog breeds have really cute and adorable faces as well as beautiful coats, and there is nothing that completes the look better than an elegant and classy looking jewelled collar. You can select from a range of jewelled collars, from designed ones for the upper class toy dog to affordable replicas for those who want to enjoy affordable style. Your toy dog will look particularly impressive at specials events and occasions when sporting one of these eye-catching, sparkling jewelled collars.

The floppy Frisbee: No matter what sort of toy dog you have, your pet will always be intrigued and at excited to see a Frisbee sailing through the air, and a floppy seven inch Frisbee made from nylon is ideal for toy dogs. This type of Frisbee is gentle on the mouth so your toy dog can catch it in safety. The size of the Frisbee also makes it ideal for small dog breeds, so your toy dog can enjoy plenty of fun and exercise with minimal risk of injury.

Hair accessories: You can select from a wide range of fabulous, classy, and elegant hair accessories for your toy dog, and she will look the belle of the ball at that special occasion or event. From pretty bonnets to beautiful ribbons and bows, you can have her looking just perfect in next to no time.

Cotton bathrobe: After a particularly gruelling grooming session, a bath or wash, or after being caught out in the rain, your toy dog will want some warmth and comfort. Rather than chasing your pet around the house armed with a towel, you can invest in a stylish and comfortable bathrobe that is specially designed for smaller dogs, and will enable your pet to enjoy comfort and style.

Dressy outfits: The choice of specialist outfits available for small dogs these days in incredible. You can now get everything from sailor outfits and Christmas outfits for him to fabulous dresses to suit every occasion for her. You can even get wedding outfits and top hats for your toy pooch, which means that he or she can dress for any occasion and always look stylish, fabulous, and eye-catching.

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