What to Look For in a Dog Gate

Dog gate products are similar to other safety gates, like ones designed for babies. There are a couple of subtle differences, however, based on the types of trouble dogs and babies get into. Child safety gates are intended to protect children from themselves, but dog gates have a bigger responsibility: to protect children, furniture, and other pets from dogs.

Most dog gates are either free standing or pressure mounted. A pressure mounted pet gate has bolts on their sides that screw out to bracket against a fixture like a stair post or door frame. This is the better choice for larger dogs, since these models are more likely to withstand being jumped on or pushed against. Most brands make adult passage convenient by featuring a hinge that allows part of the gate to temporarily open with a release latch operated by a handle or foot pedal.

Free standing dog gates use longer feet to stay upright. The pair of feet that runs perpendicular to the center railing is usually 36 to 48 inches in length, so they're unlikely to pitch forward or backward if pushed or jumped on by a smaller dog. Obviously, free standing brands are less ideal for larger dogs, but an extra wide pet gate (greater than 48 inches) can be used if its width exceeds the doorway it's intended to block, and placed on the inside of the room in which the dog is meant to contain. With either gate type, extra tall dog gates (greater than 40 inches) are recommended, since it's easy to underestimate how high a large dog and jump.

For design-conscious owners, a dog gate products are available in a variety of materials, colors and styles, but you're better off choosing a brand for its ability to contain your dog. Instead of wood or plastic, a metal dog gate is recommended, since it offers less traction to pets attempting to climb the posts, and it discourages dogs from biting them.

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