4 Great Reasons to Choose a Mixed Breed Dog

Mutts make the best dogs! Many people think a pure bred dog is going to have a certain personality, then they are shocked when the dog doesn't act exactly as expected. The truth of the matter is that each dog, mixed breed or pedigree, will have it's own unique personality and character attributes (just like people). There are so many great reasons to choose a mixed breed dog and this article covers 4 of the best reasons we've identified.

1. Mutts are more even-tempered. While it is possible for mixed breed dogs to be very energetic or very laid back they tend toward more moderate temperaments. Their behavior is typically more moderate because they were not bred to have specific characteristics. The behaviors required to achieve the tasks that certain dogs were bred for are not necessarily middle-of-the-road behaviors. Extreme personality traits in mixed breed dogs are often products of the dog's environment and upbringing and are not inborn characteristics as seen in pure bred dogs. Mixed breed dogs also tend to be a little more flexible to change than pure bred dogs. Some suggest they are not as programmed as their pure bred counterparts and therefore adjust more quickly to change.

2. Mutts have good genetic diversity. Because their genes are usually unrelated the chances of both parents of a mixed breed dog carrying the same defective genes are low. Often the worst diseases or health problems in dogs are passed along through the pairing of the same defective genes. Mixed breed dogs are often healthier because when left up to nature dogs tend to be moderately sized with more natural builds. This happens when cross breeding occurs over time because this is how dogs are designed to be. When people begin breeding they tend to go to extremes from a 3 pound Chihuahua to a 150 pound Great Dane. Other breed specific traits like the short snouts of Pugs, the barrel chest of a Bulldog or the large folds of skin of a Sharpei are actually abnormalities that can cause additional health problems over the life of the dog.

3. Millions of mutts are euthanized each year. Mixed breed dogs are often abandoned or neglected for their pure bred counterparts because they are not perceived as valuable by some. They are often passed over for adoption and end up in the gas chamber simply because they do not appear as fashionable or trendy as the expensive, pure bred, trend dog of the moment.

4.Mixed breed dogs are less expensive. The average price of a pure bred dog is around $800 if you agree to spay or neuter him and around $1,500 if you do not. While many people are more than willing to pay a significant sum of money for their ideal dog, it is completely unnecessary. Mixed breed dogs can be adopted for free from a neighbor or for around $150 from a rescue organization. The adoption fee from a rescue group is nominal and goes towards Veterinary care expenses. Dogs adopted from reputable groups come with all of their shots and are spayed or neutered and ready to go.

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