9 Quick and Easy Steps of Dog DNA Sample Collection

Dog owners can perform DNA sample collection on their dogs without the visiting any veterinarians as it requires no blood test for DNA analysis. A breed identification tool for mixed breed dogs like Canine Heritage XL Breed Test are commonly used by dog owners due to its convenience and efficiency of the breed testing product.

Before we discuss about the steps of the sampling procedure, Canine Heritage XL Breed Test comes as a package that contains:
  • Data sheet
  • Sample submission form
  • One DNA cheek swab collection brush
  • Easy-to-Follow DNA sample collection instructions
  • Pre-paid return mailer
Now, here are the quick and easy steps of DNA sample collection for your dog:
  1. In the beginning, you have to complete the sample submission form.
  2. When sampling is more than one dog, wash your hands clean between each sample to prevent cross-contamination as it affects the DNA analysis process.
  3. DNA collection has to be performed before meal. Therefore, you have to withhold food at least one-half hour before collecting a sample for DNA testing. Carefully observe the dog's mouth between the cheek and gums for food debris. The main reason is to collect cheek epithelial cells, avoiding food debris that could cause DNA contamination.
  4. Write down your dog's name or other identifier on the MMI Genomics' DNA CheekSwab wrapper as provided in the package.
  5. Then, open the swab package by peeling back the loose edges of the DNA CheekSwab sleeve about one inch.  
  6. You have to grasp the swab's plastic handle and pull the swab out of the wrapper. Visualized inserting a toothbrush inside your mouth, turning the bristles away from your teeth towards your cheek, and brushing against your cheek. Again, the main task is to collect epithelial cheek cells, not food debris onto the bristles. Unlike brushing your teeth, do not brush or scrub it too hard as it will cause bleeding on the gums.
  7. Hold steady your dog's head. Holding the swab by the applicator stick, briskly rub and rotate the swabs bristle head against the inside surface of the cheek for about 20 seconds.
  8. Immediately reinsert the swab into the DNA CheekSwab sleeve (there is no need to reseal the sleeve)
  9. Finally, return the sample with the Sample Submission Form as provided in breed testing kit and drop it in a mailbox. Since it is a pre-paid return mailer, no postage is necessary.
Within 4-6 weeks period of time, your dog DNA test results will be sent back to you in the form of a frame quality "Certificate of DNA Breed Analysis" - in which displays breed test results in several categories such as "Primary", "Secondary" and "In the mix" categories. For more information about dog DNA testing as a breed identification tool for mixed dogs, visit http://dogdnabasics.com

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