The Best Dog DNA Testing Kit

If you have ever asked yourself the question "What kind of dog do I have?" then you need to find the best dog DNA testing kit. These tests will allow you to learn all about your dog's breeds, including health and behavioral information that will help you give your dog the best life possible.

Here are the most important things to know when you are looking for the best dog DNA testing kit:

1. Know how many breeds the test covers. There are some that only cover 20-30 breeds. You should really use the ones that cover around 100 different breeds in order to get the best analysis.

2. Understand that you are the one doing the cheek swab, not a vet. It is very easy and anyone can do it, just make sure that you really rub the brush against your dog's cheek. If you just hold the brush in your dog's mouth, you will only get saliva instead of actual cells.

3. These are not paternity tests or purebred verification tests. These tests are as accurate as those are, but they will not be accepted by breed clubs that ask for pedigree documentation.

4. A little bit of patience is required. The best dog DNA testing kits take at least 4 weeks to complete. This is because they are using the most advanced SNP-based DNA Technology Process. The best part is getting your dog's certificate, which I have framed!

5. Once you receive your results, call your vet's office and ask them to put the results into their system. This is very important because certain breeds are prone to certain diseases and if you and your vet know what breeds are in your dog, you can both watch for any early signs.

Hope you learned a lot and you are excited about ordering the best dog DNA testing kit for your dog!
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Elle Del

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