Dog Breeds DNA Testing

Many of us who adopt mixed-breed puppies are always wondering what exact breeds they are made up of. This is actually a way more important question than you could ever imagine. Knowing the breeds in your dog will allow you to know their health and behavioral patterns and with that knowledge you will be able to keep your dog happy and healthy. The fastest way to learn the breeds is to find the most reliable dog DNA tests.

 Data Dog Breeds DNA Testing

- A list of tests available for specific breeds and diseases, by the University of Missouri
- The first non-veterinary canine DNA test for detecting breed composition in mixed-breed dogs. Also features complete breed profiles for over 100 dog breeds as well as a history of canine genetics.
- Thorough overview of the genome sequence as defined by the Broad Institute, including maps and clone registry.
- Overview of progress in developing DNA marker tests for various canine genetic disorders. 
- DNA testing for canine color inheritance and genetic diseases.
- Overview of genetic counseling in purebred breeds, from the US Kerry Blue Terrier Club.
- Purebred animal genetic (DNA) disease testing and profiling for dogs and horses. Includes list of services and company information.

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