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Dogs as they say are man's best friend. True enough, you cannot question the loyalty that dogs demonstrate upon their masters. They are also very affectionate as well and could even sense if something is bothering us. You may observe that quite often when you come home from a hard day at work, your dog will immediately approach you as if sensing you need some comfort or company. Many of us may have dogs in our homes or are planning to have one. It is important that we properly train our dogs to ensure not only their very own safety but most importantly for you and your family's protection.

You are in charge

Being the master of the house, it is important that your dog is aware of where he stands as a member of your family. You have to let him know who is boss and that you don't want him bossing around. Your dog needs to be educated with the house rules to avoid encountering future problems. You wouldn't want your dog to be going wild, tearing at your sofa upholstery, chewing at your expensive shoes or worse getting violent and destructive which could be dangerous for you and your family. There even have been cases of dogs getting hostile to the point of sinking their teeth onto their very own masters. You have to demonstrate upon your pet that only you and your family members have the authority to have unlimited access inside the home. Your dog needs to be aware of his limited physical access and that there may be certain areas that he is not allowed entry. It is crucial that you do all these while your dog is still a puppy for as we all know it is indeed difficult to teach an old dog new tricks.

Use dog gates to train your dog

Your dog may feel some fret or apprehension when you try to isolate him or restrict his movements inside your home especially if your dog is used to being at your side most of the time. Your dog may feel abandoned and may wonder why you had to leave him shut out of your room or left inside the living room with the door shut while you are in the kitchen preparing a meal. It may be hard at first for them to understand why they are being restricted. Using dog gates could help you train as well as restrict your dog's movements without making them feel any trouble or perplexity because the dog can see you right through the door gates. You can find numerous indoor gates that would fit your need from short gates for small dogs and tall gates for the big dogs. Most indoor gates are designed not to harm your flooring or walls.

These dog gates are also important to prevent your dog from falling or tumbling down the stairs especially if your dog is still learning how to ascend and descend your staircase. If you allow your dog upstairs, putting a dog gate on top of the stairs will let your dog go down with you by its side so you could make certain that it makes a slow climb down.

If you are concerned with how the indoor dog gate will look inside your home, you don't have to worry for you can find numerous types in a style and design that will surely fit with the decorations inside your home.

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