Essential Steps in Puppy Health Care

No doubt it is very exciting to have a new puppy at home; however this also adds a lot of responsibilities to your daily life. In order to have a trouble free breeding of your dog you first of all learn the basics of puppy health care. Just like human beings, puppies are susceptible to illness; in order to ensure that the puppy remains healthy and vibrant you may have to take certain precautions. The first and foremost thing is that they should not be separated from their mothers until they attain the age of eight weeks. This is because of the fact that puppies are protected from many illnesses from the colostrum in their mother's milk.

Find a Good Veterinarian

One of the important initial steps in puppy health care is to locate a good veterinarian in your locality with whom you can confide. It is preferable if your veterinarian has experience in dealing with the kind of breed you have. It is also essential that you are comfortable in dealing with this veterinarian. Write down his phone number and contact details so that you are in a position to contact him whenever emergency arises.

Immediately after you get your puppy, you should take him for detailed check-up; he also has to be given necessary vaccinations. You should discuss with your vet about the vaccines requirements for your dog; also ensure that your dog is given necessary booster shots as per schedule. It is also advisable in puppy health care that you get the stool sample of the dog tested for worms during your first visit to your vet.

Another important aspect in puppy health care is following a special diet for your dog; check with your veterinarian about any special diet requirement for your dog. In general, it is necessary that puppies eat more often than older dogs; puppies have to be given only dry foods to eat with adequate quantity of water. In any household there is tendency to feed the family dogs with table scraps without knowing the implications; human foods are not suited for consumption of dogs and they cause digestive problems. This also creates behavioral problems such as begging.

Getting breed specific information for a particular breed is an important part of puppy health care. You should purchase a book which gives details on caring, grooming and training the specific breed you intend to procure; this has to be done before you bring the puppy to your home. Further purchase all required materials and accessories such as crate, nail clippers, brush and chewing toys before bringing it home.

To conclude, puppy health care and baby health care are similar and both pose challenges. You should take enough efforts on puppy care to have a smooth ride. You must ensure during the first few weeks that you are in touch with a veterinarian. Educate yourself on taking care of your puppy; train the puppy after reading the books and also consulting your veterinarian. Finally, remember that your new puppy requires lots of love and affection in order to foster good health.

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