Mixed Breed Dogs Versus Purebred Dogs

Bloodline or Uniqueness

When buying a dog, you may have the option to select between mixed breed dogs and purebred dogs. Most people choose a purebred dog because of the expectation that they have certain attributes, bloodline. There are people who may opt for mixed breed because of the unique blending. Of course pure bred dogs have a specific appearance and personality. A sample is a Newfoundland dog. Selecting this dog can ensure you a good companion because of its gentle disposition, large size and fondness for swimming. The Jack Russell terrier breed, with its small and athletic disposition, can display a fondness for digging.

Purebreds Come With Standards

Purebreds come with a standard. Regardless of the breed type, the dog's temperament is dependent on its environment, past experiences and other factors. There are traits that are inherent for purebred animals. It is best that you do a research before selecting the dog that you want. It is best that the dog has a similar personality like you. This can ensure that you can jive along with them. For those who will own a dog for the first time, purebred dogs are recommended because they have disposition and temperament that are innate in them.

Health problems are also inherent as well. This is very much helpful for inexperienced owners. They can prepare possible veterinary bills. There are purebred dogs that are prone to diseases such as allergies, health problems, cancers and others. Mixed breeds on the other hand may acquire certain conditions coming from the two breeds that are combined. The medical problems are harder to predict in such a case.

Mixed Breeds: Let the Surprises Unfold

There are many who select mixed breed dogs because they want a surprise unfolding as the dog grows. It can reveal personality and appearance which is overwhelming. Each mixed breed dog can be a combination of two or more pure breeds. An example is when you get a Cocker Spaniel/Poodle-mix or the cocka poo. It would display characteristics that are known to each breed. It would also project an individual quality that is unique in them. Before buying one, do a research and study the traits that exist within each of the breeds. A Heinz 57 is a mixture of different breeds like the Husky, Old English Sheepdog and Labrador Retriever. It could have the husky's blue eyes, sheepdog's coat and personality of the lab. A mixed breed is somewhat exciting particularly the combination of the breed type entered in the genes of the dog.

Responsibility of Care

Most vets agree that mixed breeds are healthy because some genetic health problems aren't bred in them. All dogs are considered to be unique. Choosing a dog may require you to do extensive research. As an owner, you are advised to consider your ability to provide a dog with good exercise, proper training, good diet and regular vet care.

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