Pregnant Dog Symptoms - How to Spot the Best Diet For Healthy Pups

Spotting pregnant dog symptoms is not just a responsibility for those who breed dogs but for any pet owner who insists on not spaying their females. Even though females only go into heat twice a year, all it takes for a pregnancy to occur is for the right elements to be in the right place at the right time.

Because dogs will always tenaciously follow their instincts, even the most careful of owners can find themselves in such a situation. Regardless of the circumstances, if the goal is a successful canine pregnancy, then all attention must turn to the issue of providing proper nutrition.

A pet owner that makes it a point to know his or her dog well is often better at spotting pregnant dog symptoms. Nonetheless, early indicators can still be rather hard to spot. For the most part, there is a decrease in appetite or energy as hormone levels fluctuate and there are often behavioral changes to go with it.

A minor swelling in the nipples may be the only other outwardly physical sign until hormone levels stabilize and the mother to be's appetite returns. As she begins putting on weight, there will soon be the telltale signs of a swelling abdomen and teats. A trip to the vet to test for the pregnancy hormone relaxing will help determine whether or not a female is pregnant for sure.

Whereas the expectant mother previously only had herself to worry, now comes the issue of meeting the nutritional demands of her unborn pups. Those who breed dogs know that pregnancies are demanding and a female must have proper nutrition before pregnant dog symptoms ever make an appearance. For dogs fortunate enough to be on a wholesome natural diet of raw meat and bone, this will not be an issue. This is because a diet of raw meat and bone provides all the proteins, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in the exact form the canine physiology was designed to live on.

However, most dogs are made to subsist on a commercial diet that contains rendered down waste mixed with flavor enhancers and other dangerous additives. The nutrients that are often added to such a toxic recipe rarely come in a form that can be used efficiently.

As stated by Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins, DVM, Esq., "commercial pet foods have repeatedly shown themselves to be subject to serious contamination and catastrophic imbalances of various nutrients."   When a mother to be is getting less than adequate nutrition, what chance do her unborn pups have? Luckily, it is never too late to switch.

There can be nothing more exciting than the day when a beloved canine companion brings her babies into the world. The sooner pregnant dog symptoms are spotted and a pet owner can start offering the proper nutrition, the more likely he or she is to see the vision of a healthy litter become reality. For all our canine companions offer us, offering a diet of raw meat and bone from the very beginning is simply the right thing to do.

Dan Scott, author of "Real Food for Dogs", has lived, trained, studied, worked and very much loved dogs for over 43 years. His burning passion for Canine Nutrition - "what your dog eats" through research and practice of natural diets for dogs is helping people the world over to have a healthy dog for life.

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