Dog Vaccination Schedule - A Guide

In this article we will provide you with a guide to the appropriate Dog Vaccination Schedule that you should follow with your pooch. It is very important to follow your Vet's advice as dogs and specifically puppies are more prone to certain diseases if the are not treated with the most effective and appropriate vaccine and at the right age. Anyway lets get started with some basic information for you to follow.

Distemper - This is one of the most deadly diseases out there and needs to be vaccinated against at the earliest opportunity. Puppies need to be vaccinated at the age of about 9 weeks. Although there can be some side effects these are rare and will normally only appear if your puppy is vaccinated below the recommended age. A booster is not needed as vaccines will last for about 7 1/2 years.

Rabies - This is another deadly disease that needs to be vaccinated against. Vets recommend that puppies are given the vaccine at 9 weeks of age. A one year booster is advised and this will need to be repeated at intervals of three to four weeks. In some States in the USA dogs are expected to be vaccinated again in 3 years. It is vital that dogs are vaccinated against this disease as they can infect other dogs and even people.

Bordetella - This is highly recommended by medical professionals as dogs and puppies may be exposed to it when they are placed in Kennels as the disease is highly prevalent in that environment. This vaccine should be given to your pooch about three days before he goes into the Kennels. It will last about six months but will only protect against three out of eight of the causes of Kennel Cough.

As you can see, an effective dog vaccination schedule is vital for your pooch to remain healthy. For more information on when your dog or puppy should be vaccinated and the possible side effects that your pooch may experience you should speak to your local vet.

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