Spaying of the Changeable Dog

Female Spaying of the dog is undertaken to order the pregnancy non desired by the crossing of some unknown or country or indefinable dogs. Spaying of the dog reduces the aggressiveness of the dog. By spaying, one can reduce the incidences of the reproductive diseases generally produced like the pyometry.

Spaying also assistance to order the population in the event of parasitic animals and much of nations make these operations by removing the ovaries of the animals females. Experienced veterinary surgeons are necessary to make spaying in the event of dogs females and the postoperative care must be attached more importance. So suitable control measures are not taken after surgical operation for the displacement of the ovary, then the infections can start to place inside and the animal can finish to the top with the study of peritonitis and then the toxemia place inside, posing non desired problems of health.

The death of the dog can finally occur, if the dog is not provided an effective and adapted veterinary care. A dog female which spayed before the occurrence of the first heat has almost a possibility zero of the development of the cancer mammaire, which is more common with the dogs which not spayed.

A dog female generally comes to heat once in eight month or thus. During the occurrence of heat, there bleeds of the vagina and the dog can cross with the non desired male and the spaying activity prevents all the latter. In the event of old dogs, the dog can often obtain signs of thirst, anorexia increased, vomiting etc which are so common with the pyometry.
The pyometry means the presence of the pus in the uterus. Once the pyometry occurs, it implies many faintnesses to the animal in addition to the factor of cost implied for the therapy also. Such a pyometry is completely prevented by spaying because in the case of spaying, you remove the ovaries and the uterus.

Spaying and to change dogs is strongly desired if you do not want to multiply the dogs and however, these activities must be carried out by the qualified veterinary surgeons specialized in the care and the management of familiar animal. The anaesthesia is required with surgical procedures due to carry out spaying and change.

One must include/understand the limits like spaying initially or change. Both are related to the surgical approaches of sterilization in the event of females and males respectively. However, the limit changing is also related to such procedures in the two sexes.ý Accidental pregnancies which are not desired can be strongly to the minimum reduced by these procedures.

Spaying and changing assistances to prevent the occurrence of the pyometry, which is a problem disorder-giving reproductive common run to the owners of dog. In the male dogs, to change assistance to prevent the occurrence of the enlarging or cancer of prostate.ý Consequently, these assistance to the minimum to reduce the incidences of the disorders of the reproduction in the dogs.

By the latter which spaying and which change, the desire of the male dog to the female research of the dog in heat is strongly at least reduced and consequently, to wander of the male dog is reduced. The animal also becomes calm by these surgical remedies. The territorial behavior of these animals is also strongly at least reduced by the latter in the event of male dogs.

Spaying of your dog before the occurrence of the first heat is the best to avoid the incidence of breast cancer. If the dog spayed after the first heat, the possibilities of the occurrence of breast cancer in them is more and were proven by research. The lower group of dogs must be subjected to these operations to avoid complications in the future.

Many veterinary surgeons prefer spaying and to change dogs only at the age from five to six years. However, those can be carried out even at the age from three to five years. The postoperative care must be followed to avoid the occurrence of the infections of the microbial organizations.

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