Aggressive Bad Dog Behavior - Advice on How to Control This

Dogs are not born aggressive; this is usually brought on by outside influences. Aggressive or bad dog behavior is learnt and rarely an embedded trait, however, there are sometimes exceptions to the rule.

Canine dominance over you, attack by another dog or other triggers during the dogs formative first few weeks could progress to aggressive dog behavior. Ultimately, getting a handle on the root cause is the first step in resolving bad dog aggression. It is your responsibility as the Alpha pack leader to fix this problem in order to maintain control both at home and when out and about with your furry friend. Bad dog behavior may have both, dire financial and serious emotional consequences.

Aggressive Bad Dog Behavior - Puppy

First 6 weeks:Puppies should be socialized with other dogs at an early age, at least within the first 6 weeks of life. Failure to do so can lead to the onset of aggressive dog behavior and possibly the biting of people later on. At 14 weeks the pup should have good social skills; sometimes it could take longer to properly socialize your pup.

At 8 weeks:For starters some basic rules of thumb when it comes to raising a well balanced pup. Do not allow the puppy to be separated from it's litter before 8 weeks old. Remember this cuddly puppy needs a loving and gentle touch when taken from his puppy litter, so bear this in mind during weeks 8 to 10. By no means should you or any family/pack member be loud or physically abusive towards the new young puppy.

Pup at 14 weeks:Common sense tells us that bad treatment given, results in bad dog behavior returned by your young pup. Small puppy in a new and strange place, give the little guy a break. By 14 weeks of age your new puppy should be well adjusted and comfortable with his position in his new pack. This means he interacts well with people and other dogs. The down side is that your pup could display aggressive behavior going forward. Basically your good efforts with the young pup will gain you a lifelong friend and companion.

Aggressive Bad Dog Behavior - Young to Older

Genetics: Yes, dogs have this too and it can certainly play a role in your dog's aggressive behavior. Certainly there are breeds which are simply more aggressive than others. Research your breed well before making a choice of a new young puppy.

Modifications:Having dogs spayed or neutered will, in most cases, bring about a change in a dogs aggressive behavior. They will be a lot calmer around the house. There are sometime negative effects to the dogs health from some of these physical changes, such as obesity. It always pays to keep you and your dog as fit as possible and this will need to be emphasized should you elect to spay or neuter your dog.

Environment:Dogs that have been ill treated, attacked by other dogs or have terrible living conditions will tend to manifest aggressive dog behavior. This is especially true if their masters, whom they look up to, show them no love or affection. These poor dogs tend to be social outcasts. Seen from a human perspective, I think any one of us would react in the same way. Ultimately as the dog ages it will lean more towards aggressive behavior. Please avoid making your dogs life a misery.

Dominance:Young dogs, as with young adolescent humans, have a point to prove. Your dog may exhibit this in nipping, posturing or simply disregarding your instruction. In this manner they try and assume dominance which will inevitably lead to your dog showing aggressive behavior as he attempts to assert his position. This needs to be nipped in the bud. Make sure your dog knows that you are the Alpha Dog in his pack.

Aggressive Bad Dog Behavior - What can be done?

Dogs reach sexual maturity at 14 months, at which time there should be no aggressive behavior being displayed. This statement is even more true if the dog has been neutered or spayed. You must ensure that your dog sees you as the Alpha Pack Leader. The dog must look up to you.

Don't show weakness by rewarding bad dog behavior. This is exactly how your dog will perceive your well intended reward when he has been aggressive, as weakness. Isn't that what dominance is all about, common sense really.

Your home is your home, so don't let your dog take control of it. Maintain the boundaries that have been set. A well behaved, socialized dog that has a clear understanding of who the Alpha Dog is, will be a happy and contented dog. Dogs require stern control and you need to dominate at all times otherwise your dog will assume this role which could result in dog aggression in your home.

Your dog must take instruction from you. You control feeding time, walking time and all aspects of the pack. All members of your immediate family that live with you are members of the dogs pack. You need to ensure that your dog knows who calls the shots.

If your dog a shows aggression due to fear, known as defensive aggression, you need to get this under control. This could be due to your dog having low self esteem, no socialization or no confidence. When you have an afraid dog, he could lash out in panic or fear at someone or another dog. Don't allow your dog near small children until you have instilled confidence in your dog and eradicated these fear issues. More advanced or professional help may need to be sought after.

In severe case where a dogs aggression has resulted in dog on dog aggression or even worse dog on human aggression, you should definitely consider seeking and paying for the best possible professional dog advice you can afford. That is, if this is still an option. Let's hope things will never go that far. Remember, you are responsible for your dog's behavior. Let your dog be a symbol of your character and display only the best traits that are what makes your dog, man's best friend.

In closing, I'm pretty sure most of this stuff is common sense. Sometimes you just need to read it for it to hit home. Remember all your dog really wants is a safe and good place to shower his affection and enthusiasm on you and your entire family. Your dogs aggression, in some situations, can be life saving. We all know that a dog's love knows no fear. So don't be afraid, let him know you love him by being his Alpha Dog.

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