The Proper Dog Fence

It's nice if our dogs can be kept quiet in one corner at our command. The thing though is that this can't be done every time, not even if your dog has undergone full training.

The problem now comes when you and your dog lives in a neighborhood. Normally, states have dog containment laws or leash laws that could prevent certain circumstances of dogs running around the neighborhood. However, some states don't have these laws and sadly, some owners are just indifferent of other people's welfare when their dogs become unruly.

One of the solutions that most owners look into is the installation of dog fences. There are various types of dog fences that cater individual needs. These will be discussed in this article.

The common problem though with fences is that some dogs have the habit of jumping over them. To prevent this, it is vital that you train your dog not to give respect to the fences even as a puppy. This way, you dog will find it hard to escape.

Types of dog fences

Farm fence - This is also known as sheep fence. If you go after the price this would be a good choice for you as farm fence is the cheapest type available. Its main feature are smaller rectangles at the bottom and larger ones at the top. This is available in various sizes and should be attached to either T-posts or over brace posts. During installation, one must stretched the fence fully so as to achieved maximum strength.

The problems though with this fence are- that it does not appeal to style, it easily corrodes and dogs of various sizes can easily escape through it.

Chain link - Chain link fence is normally used for kennels. Unlike with farm fence, this has relatively smaller holes where it is almost impossible even for small puppies to penetrate into. It is also available in a number of heights. If you are considering the installation of barb wires, this is a very good choice. Chain links are expensive though, however it endures far better than any other kind of fence.

Split Rail fence - If you want to use the dog fence as part of your general landscape design, your best choice is the split rail fence and the price is just right to fit between inexpensive fabric fences and solid fences. It is vital that the fabric is placed inside the fence so as to ensure that no dog can escape through the rail.

Snow Fence - This is made of 2 by 4 inch of low gauge wire fabric. Like farm fence, this is installed using T-posts and brace posts and should also be stretched to achieve added strength. Be careful though since this fence must be checked regularly due to tendency to rusting.

Hybrid fencing - There are states in America that prohibit any form of dog fences. In this case, you may use hybrid fences which can be removed if necessary.

Hidden dog fences - Dog fences are often obstructive in vision. Hidden dog fences make use of an electric system that coordinates between the weak radio field that is sent from the underground connection and the receiver that is attached to the collar of your dog. Once the dog moves outward or near the parameter of the hidden fence, the underground system will send electric shocks to deter an escape.

These various options can help you control your dog .Maybe you would want to check about your needs and find which fence can serve you best. Helping you control your dog can provide you more safety feeling, and save you time and concern.
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