Signs of Dog Cancer - What You Should Know

Cancer is a very alarming disease. It is life threatening so it is good to have it diagnosed as early as possible. Cancer doesn't affect only humans; it can also cause danger to our pet dogs. If we really are a dog lover and if we don't want to lose our pet, we must be aware of the different signs of dog cancer.

Cancer can affect different parts of the body so signs of dog cancer may vary depending on its type. But there are also general signs wherein we can observe and we can consider as the warning signs of cancer in dogs.

So we must be aware and conscious about these changes in order to immediately give the appropriate treatment to our dogs before it progress to the late stage wherein we cannot afford to see them suffer too much. These include the following:

1. Any lump or mass that increases size, grows very fast, has irregular shape and unusual color.
2. A sore that doesn't heal.
3. Having difficulty in swallowing as well as eating.
4. Loss of appetite resulting to weight loss.
5. Irregular bladder and bowel habits resulting to difficulty in urination and defecation.
6. Bleeding and discharges in stool, urine and other body openings.
7. Breathing difficulty.
8. Cough, vomiting, diarrhea.
9. Swollen abdomen.
10. Strong odor arising from the body and bad breath.
11. Limping and stiffness.

Signs of dog cancer when classified according to types include the following:

1. Presence of lumps and masses in skin cancers.
2. Vomiting, diarrhea and lethargy in lymphoma.
3. Breast lumps in mammary cancer.
4. Abdominal enlargement, paleness, weight loss and weakness in abdominal tumors.
5. Lames and stiffness in bone cancer.

Life is so precious that we need to give extra care for it. Cancer is one of the illnesses that can be prevented if we know certain measures and are knowledgeable enough to apply it. But sometimes if it's already malignant or has not been diagnosed earlier, chemotherapy is the basic answer to it.

However, there are also certain remedies such as the ES clear that promotes boosting of immune system and gives comfort and protection to the liver and health of our dogs. Signs of dog cancer are easily detectable if we are keen enough to observe the changes that happen to our pet.

Is your dog suffering from cancer? Discover what you can do to help your pet eases pain and discomfort with an effective dog cancer treatment. Your dog can have a better health and improve its immune system. People who read this article also read:

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