Signs of Rabies in Cats

Rabies in cats is a deadly disease condition that is lethal to cats as well as to man if the disease is transmitted from the cats. Yeah. You have to be careful about Rabies in cats.

Signs of rabies in cats comprise many like aggression, anorexia etc. However, among these various signs, the suddenly aggressive cats have to be watched further for any intensified aggressive activities that persist in the cats.

The clinical symptoms of rabies in cats have to be coupled with history of any known dog bite incidence. In these cases, one can be able to draw a concrete opinion for the presence of rabies disease in the affected cats.

The cat that has been obeying well to the commands or the actions from the owners may stop all these activities and suddenly the one with this disease may have some abnormal behavior.

There are incidences wherein the cats with this disease may start licking the ground or the chain or the rope that helps to control them. The cats may try even to make attacks and may bite you also.

So, if you don't want your cat to reveal any such sign or symptom of rabies, it is better to have a vaccination against this disease.

This is a must if the area is endemic for rabies. Yeah. We need to be very careful because rabies is one of the zoonotic and deadly diseases and the therapy of rabies-infected cats is more difficult in general.

The affected cat many times tries to escape and may try to attack even the visitors in addition to the dogs or other cats.

You may wonder on how this cat has become so courageous in nature, all of a sudden. You come across changed behavior in the affected cats.

The cat may start using paws or digits more in order to make more pronounced scratch marks on the body of the persons handling. You may get stunned no seeing such changes in the routine activities of your cat.

The affected cat may not take adequate amounts of food materials in addition to water. There may be a change in the voice it produces and there may be symptoms equivalent of pharyngitis.

The look of the rabies-affected animal may not be a normal one. The appearance of such animals may often be aggressive ones.

Some times, the cat may be so dull indifferently. In dumb form of rabies in cats, aggression may not be seen many times in the affected cats. Rabies in cats is to be taken as a serious issue in general by the cat owner.

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