The Importance of Doggy Daycare

When you work all day it is hard to know what to do with your dog. You could leave him in a crate or enclosed in a room in your house but is this really fair on the dog. The majority of people work nine till five or longer, therefore your dog is left for at least eight hours on its own. This can cause boredom, isolation, behavioural problems and even depression, not to mention that they can't hold the toilet for that amount of time. This means you will come home to a lot of mess in your house and also this is extremely uncomfortable for your dog and could cause bladder problems.

The best solution for your dog if you are out at work all day is doggy daycare, this is a new phenomenon where people are opening up their homes to look after other peoples dogs when they are out at work. The following points prove just how important doggy daycare is.

1. Your dog will get to interact with lots of other dogs which is vitally important for pack integration. This is even more important if your dog is a puppy as many of the behavioural problems that we see in dogs occur because they are poorly socialised when they are young.

2. Dogs that integrate just with their owners and no other dogs or people can suffer from anxiety and fear biting. This can also cause separation anxiety and cause the dog to be a nervous wreck when it does eventually for some reason have to be apart from its owners. This is very unfair on the dog as it will be suffering all sorts of negative emotions which are unnatural and wouldn't be apparent in the wild.

3. Dogs love it! They get to go to doggy daycare on a regular basis so they make friends with the other dogs and look forward to going every time. What would you prefer staying at home on your own all day or meeting up with your friends and having fun, it's the same for your dog!

4. Protect your home - if your dog is at doggy daycare having a great time, he won't be at your home, bored, causing him to chew and destroy the furniture and toileting around your home.

5. At doggy daycare your dog will get walked at least once a day where they will play with the other dogs and have a great time.

6. On the dog walks at doggy daycare your dog will get basic dog training to work on his recall, use of commands and walking on the lead. If you are in the process of puppy training this will help to reinforce that training on a regular basis.

Doggy daycare is obviously more expensive than leaving your dog on its own but is worth every penny as you will return home from work to a happy and content dog and not feel stressed and worried that it's on its own. Also it will teach your dog to be well socialised and fully integrated with other dogs and stop separation anxiety and aggression to other dogs.

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