Tapeworm Symptoms in Cats

There are the different tapeworm symptoms for cats that you should certainly be aware of and watch for as a pet owner to see if there may be a tapeworm in cats. If you notice any of these, you want to reach out to a vet or use a tapeworm treatment in cats immediately.

A loss of weight is a sure tapeworm symptom for cats that you will be aware of without a problem to home diagnose a tapeworm in cats. What occurs is the tapeworm is feeding off of a portion of the food that your cat is eating, thus the cat is really absorbing less food than it appears to be. This will result in a loss of weight for your cat that unless treated, can end up leading to more significant problems. Additionally, as the tapeworm continues to grow, it will take up more space in your cat's digestive system,convincing the cat into thinking it is no longer as hungry, as the cat will not eat as much as it needs to, and the tiny amount of food it is taking is being taken away by the tapeworm.

If you indeed observe your cat running around more than expected and almost seeming paranoid, this is another tapeworm symptom for cats. It could also be very jumpy also.

Unfortunately, tapeworms have a toxin which can often cause cats to convulse. And, when tapeworm segments are let go from the tapeworm and released through relieving itself, the segments occasionally stick to the anus, causing uncomfortable itching for your cat in that area. You will also see your cat dragging its rear end down the ground.

As you hear your cat whining or {leaning over, it is likely it is having belly pains as a result of a tapeworm in your pet. Although this could be as the result of other ailments, a tapeworm is definitely a possibility. You may also notice your cat running its tongue across its belly more than its normal cleaning scenario; or more scary, it may scratch or bite at its stomach.

As your cat is experiencing diarrhea or is throwing up, this is another tapeworm symptom for cats. This can be bad because your cat may then get dehydrated which can end up causing many health risks for your cat.

As you see any of these tapeworm symptoms in cats, you should get a tapeworm treatment for cats right away or be sure to contact your vet. Do not allow these horrible meanies affect your pet in a bad way any more than need be.

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