Find Safe and Fun Dog Toys For Your Special Pup

Some of the greatest gifts you can give to your pet are safe, fun dog toys. These come in all shapes, sizes and materials and are loved by dogs of all ages, from puppy stage to full grown and older canines. Why do dogs love toys? They bring out the "playful" side in your pet, allowing you to play and train simultaneously without it seeming to be a dreaded task. Teach your dog to fetch, sit, shake, etc. with his favorite item. Toys make a great substitute for edible treats once he has completed his initial behavioral and "tricks" training.

It's also believed that toys bring a since of comfort to a dog when he's home alone, in his crate or even outdoors in his doghouse. Just like we become attached to certain "security" items (blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, etc.) as children, dogs can also develop an attachment to certain toys. Many new owners will put a toy in puppy pens for added security.

So Many to Choose From

When choosing dog or puppy toys, you'll want to look for the higher quality brands. Why? Dogs love to chew and paw at the toys during play. They'll even grab them in their mouth and sling them back and forth in an effort to "rip it to shreds!" So it's a good idea to look for high quality toys that will last a while. You might pay a few dollars more up front, but will save a great deal for the long run. Also, dog toys that are durable can prevent choking hazards in case your pet has a tendency to eat items that are not food. The more durable products can be left in dog cages while you're away without worry.

Soft or Hard Toys?

Soft dog toys are recommended for puppies but can also be given to older dogs for playtime. These are great for playing or as a security toy. Hard toys work better for dogs that have obsessive chewing habits. For soft toys, find those that have strong material that's braided tightly for strength. Stretchy, flexible weave material is best for tug-of-war type games. There are even weaves that can floss your dog's teeth while playing! These stuffed play items come in a variety of characters too.

Chewing Toys

Some dog toys are more for chewing and dental health, such as the Dura Chew bone, a flavored bone that works great for dogs with aggressive chewing habits. Find a bone that meets the level of your dog's chewing habits and strength. There are also puppy chew bones and teething toys to help your puppy get through the teething stage without fuss. Chewing bones and toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including rubber bones, bones with bells, rubber hot dogs, scruffer toys, and dental sticks.

Balls for Fun!

Another popular type of dog or puppy toy is the ball! Balls are available in various sizes and with unique features that make your pet's playtime even more interesting. There are glow-in-the-dark balls that jingle, balls that blink, and treat-filled or dog food-filled balls. The Babble Ball is a popular dog toy that makes more than 20 different real sounding animal sounds, such as coyote howling, bird sounds, barking dogs, rooster sounds, cow, goat, cat meows, lions, frogs, etc. Some even make wisecrack jokes during play! These come in various sizes and are made with a durable construction for long lasting enjoyment.

Consider shopping online for the best deals for high quality dog toys, dog food, leads, training collars, dog cages and more. You can have a great time with your pet without worry when choosing the right toys!

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